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Our personalised tote bags are the way to go for elegance and style, but uniqueness and authenticity at the same time.

Our collection of personalised canvas tote bags, with unique custom monogram lettering and a huge variety of designs. Choose from the classic striped tote with your initials, or go for something minimalistic with our stripeless designs. We offer a variety of colours and styles - from subtle beige totes to more bold pink combinations! That way anyone can find the right bag for them!

These bags are perfect for trips to the beach, hen/bachelorette party, honeymoons, vacations, every-day office bag, and so much more! These bags also make a wonderful Birthday or Christmas present for your loved one.

You can personalise your tote with your name, your initials or a memorable date. Personalise your tote to make it truly yours! We can guarantee you, that each bag is truly one of a kind! All of our personalised canvas tote are hand-finished at our studio in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. If you have any special requirements or ideas for your tote, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to get you the tote of your dreams!

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  1. personalised beige canvas tote bag with gold foil monogram


  • "Fantastic service and delivery. Items are beautiful and arrived in a lovely box and packaging."


  • "Such a professional and speedy service with bags that are of a high quality standard and offers such a personalised option for you or those you love. The after sales attention has also been so good and I will definitely be returning for more beautiful goodies!"

    Maria Kane

  • "I had been looking for a weekend bag that could double as a work tote when I came across Glam Queen's overnighter tote. Not only was it exactly what I was looking for in terms of size, it is sturdy while being effortlessly stylish with its classic colour scheme and gorgeous personalization. I highly highly recommend this handbag and cannot wait to try other Glam Queen styles!!"